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What is Asian Handicap? Sharing How to Read and Play Asian Handicap Successfully

What is Asian Handicap? This question is often raised by newcomers to sports betting when they come across Wintips. Although this type of bet is quite popular, many bettors still do not fully understand its rules. Therefore, we have constructed this article to guide and reinforce the foundational knowledge betting tips europa league for beginners.

What is Asian Handicap?

Asian Handicap, also known as Running Ball, is a highly renowned form of live football betting. This type of odds is only offered by bookmakers while the match is fiercely underway.

In reality, Asian Handicap is just a form of supplementary football betting. However, the number of participants is quite large due to the following reasons:

The sudden appearance of bets creates excitement and allure for sports bettors to participate in football betting.

Although it's just a supplementary bet, the payout ratio is no less competitive than the main odds. Profiting significantly with a good perspective and prediction ability is quite common.

After understanding what Asian Handicap is, many experts utilize this type of bet to compensate for losses in the main betting system.

However, Asian Handicap betting has never been considered easy by seasoned bettors. Therefore, newcomers need to equip themselves with sufficient knowledge and experience to ensure they do not face heavy losses.

What are the most common types of Asian Handicap bets?

Currently, online football betting platforms offer various types of Running Ball bets for players to experience. Beginners should carefully grasp the following contents if they want to challenge themselves with Asian Handicap betting.

Full-Time Asian Handicap (FT)

In football betting, FT stands for Full Time. This column contains the odds for the entire match. As per the nature of Asian Handicap betting, the odds will be provided by the bookmaker at any time during the official 90-minute match.

Half-Time Asian Handicap (HT)

What does HT mean in Asian Handicap betting? In contrast to FT, HT stands for Half Time. This column contains the odds for the first half of the match. That means the Running Ball odds will appear at any time during the first 45 minutes of the match and end immediately after the first-half whistle blows.

Odds 300

According to expert opinions, Odds 300 is the most frequently occurring type of Asian Handicap bet today. Bookmakers provide these odds after the 20th minute and settle the result immediately after the first-half whistle blows. Especially, if the match has a scoreline of 1-0 or 2-0, the appearance percentage of Odds 300 is almost absolute.

Corner Running

What is Corner Running in Asian Handicap betting? Instead of focusing on goal scoring, bookmakers will base the bet on the number of corner kicks. Typically, over/under odds will appear, and the system will determine the win or loss from the moment the bet is placed. The player's task is to predict whether the total number of corners will be higher or lower than the figure provided by the online football betting platform.

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Experience to help newcomers win big in Asian handicap betting

Unlike other types of betting, Asian handicap (AH) has never been considered easy by experienced bettors. Even seasoned veterans with ample experience must tread carefully and evaluate thoroughly before participating. Therefore, newcomers must remember the following tips if they want to make informed decisions that lead to easy victories.

Understand the essence to analyze AH odds as soon as they appear

As known, AH odds emerge unexpectedly. New players need to understand the essence of each type to evaluate and predict immediately. Failure to do so will result in missing out on lucrative opportunities provided by bookmakers.

Apply tips shared by experts

When betting on AH on online sports betting sites, newcomers should apply the following useful tips:

AH over/under: If the first half ends with only one goal scored => bet heavily on the under. Conversely, if the first half ends with a total of more than 2 goals => bet on the over.

AH handicap: What is the handicap odds? This type is extremely challenging, requiring players to closely monitor both teams' performance from the start. If unsure about their decision, never bet recklessly.

AH corner: AH corner bets often appear in matches with strong wing attacks. Prepare yourself mentally to bet as soon as the bookmaker releases the odds.


Through the above content, we have compiled comprehensive information betting tips best sites regarding AH betting. We hope that the aforementioned tips will help newcomers encounter more luck when participating in online sports betting at reputable bookmakers.


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