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Firoz Gualmhussein
Firoz Gualmhussein

Delta Extrax Hydro Bubbler for Revolutionary Vaping Sessions

The Delta Extrax Hydro Bubbler is a one-of-a-kind device in the market that is creating a storm among CBD enthusiasts and occasional users alike. Presented by Delta Extrax, a globally renowned brand selling high-quality vaporizers, the Hydro Bubbler paves the way for an effortless vaping experience. It lets you take more with less work and personalize sessions as per your preferences. 

It has a catchy glass Bubbler vapor design and is made from high-quality materials like PCTG (food grade), zinc alloy, ABS, and glass. But here's the fun part: you can use this device on your own or with your friends. That's because it has an innovative voltage adjustment function with distinct indicator lights for each setting. Choose between 3.2V, 3.6V, 4.0V, and 2.2V denoted by blue, purple, red, and cyclic color lights respectively. 

At Sam's Paradise Vape & Smoke, we stock the Hydro Bubbler and other leading vaporizers for your recreation and enjoyment. Use your favorite Delta 8, Delta 10, HHC, or any other cartridges seamlessly with this device and enjoy a distinct vaping experience. 


Secure & Stable Vaporizer 

The Hydro Bubbler comes with six-point advanced safety features like:

·        Short circuit protection

·        Over current protection 

·        Lower voltage alarm 

·        Overcharge protection 

·        Over temperature protection

·        Over vaping protection

Thus, the Hydro Bubbler is designed for rugged, on-the-go use. With a powerful 650 mAh battery, this device is all you need for superior sessions. 

Call (404) 500-3983 to learn more about our purchase policy and cashback reward program. 


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