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Guide to Calculating Football Betting Money For Newplayer

When participating in sports betting, there are various forms of bets and different odds. Players rely on these odds to calculate their winnings and losses. Each type of bet has its own way of calculating money. Therefore, don't miss the following article by Wintips to grasp these extremely important skills and knowledge, helping you fully understand tips over under 2.5 how to calculate football betting money quickly and accurately.

Why Do Bettors Need to Know How to Calculate Football Betting Money?

Newcomers to football betting often make a common mistake of not remembering how to calculate their wins and losses in a specific football match. Most of them rely on the automatic calculation utility from reputable bookmakers after the results are announced without realizing that this is a double-edged sword that causes many to lose money.

In fact, there are many reasons why you should learn how to calculate money in football betting when placing bets and various other forms on online bookmakers. However, to provide you with a more specific insight without taking up too much time, below are some main reasons you need to know:

Only when you know how to calculate money in football betting can you devise the most effective and suitable betting strategy for your capital.

Online bookmakers are not obligated to inform you in advance about possible scenarios; they only settle financial matters after the match ends.

Learning how to calculate betting money in football is also a method to help players check the credibility and transparency of the chosen bookmaker.

Not all betting sites or platforms in the market operate transparently and fairly regarding financial matters.

Knowing how to calculate football betting money when winning or losing does not take much time for bettors, but it can provide knowledge and confidence that money cannot buy.

What Is the Formula for Calculating Football Betting Money?

Depending on the betting odds chosen by the player and the outcome of the match, we may win, win half, lose, lose half, and receive or lose different amounts of money. Some scenarios that may occur in football betting include:

Full win: Winning bet amount = initial capital x betting odds.

Half win: Winning bet amount = 1/2 x capital x betting odds + capital.

Full loss: Losing bet amount = Bet amount (loses all).

Half loss: Losing bet amount = 1/2 x capital.

How to Calculate Money in the Case of a Full Win

Basically, bookmakers' odds will calculate for participants who win with the same amount of money. Therefore, the total prize money you receive will be the product of the odds and the initial capital invested.

For Asian Handicap: The selected team has a total goal score (after subtracting the handicap) higher than the opposing team.

For European Handicap: Players only need to correctly guess which team wins, regardless of the score.

Over/Under: The total number of goals in the match is higher/lower when you choose Over/Under.

To calculate the amount of money you can receive, apply the formula:

Prize money = Capital x Odds ratio

Example: A player predicts a match with a capital of $100 and odds of 0.97. When winning, the amount received is 100 x 0.97 = $97.

How to Calculate Football Betting Money in the Case of a Half Win

Unlike a full win, when playing bookmaker odds such as Asian Handicap or Over/Under, players may receive half the result because they only need to predict nearly accurately. This situation is usually rare but not nonexistent, so you should never be complacent but calculate this possibility through the following method:

Prize money = (Capital x Odds ratio) / 2

Example: A player bets $100 on an Asian Handicap with odds of 0.98, but only guesses nearly right. The amount received is (100 x 0.98) / 2 = $49.

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How to Calculate Betting Losses in Full

In contrast to winning outcomes, if you bet on Team A but end up losing, how are losses calculated? This situation has a fairly simple calculation method because immediately after the result is known and you place the wrong bet, the bookmaker will deduct the corresponding capital amount from your personal account.

Full Loss = amount wagered on the losing side

For example: You bet $100 on Team A, but Team B wins, the amount you lose is exactly the $100 that was deducted when placing the bet.

Calculating Half Betting Losses

In contrast to losing the entire amount, in some special cases, you only lose half of the bet amount because the prediction is close. Similarly to calculating half winnings, half losses also result in players losing half of the capital they originally invested.

Loss amount = Bet amount / 2

For example: Betting $100 and losing half means the bookmaker will refund $50 to your personal account.

Guidelines for Calculating Parlay Betting on Football

Parlay betting is understood as a relatively special form of betting because players need to predict consecutive bets on the same ticket. If all our analysis is correct, the winnings can be significant. Conversely, just one wrong match can lead to the player losing and losing the amount they invested. To calculate parlay betting winnings, we use the following formula:

Parlay u = Capital x (Odds 1 x Odds 2 x Odds 3 x…)

Parlay Asian Handicap, Over/Under = Capital x [Winning odds x (Half winning odds - 1)/2 x Half losing odds/2 x Draw odds]

For example: A player chooses to place a parlay bet on 3 matches with odds of 0.97 - 0.98 - 0.96, then the winning odds are: 0.97 x 0.98 x 0.96.

Some Notes to Remember When Calculating Money in Football Betting

It can be affirmed that calculating money in football betting is extremely simple and easy to understand, ensuring that every player remembers it after just one study session. However, each leading bookmaker has different regulations that require players to research and study carefully before calculating to avoid unnecessary misunderstandings. Accordingly:

To be able to calculate money in football betting, we need to know exactly the odds that the bookmaker offers.

Each match and each online bookmaker will have different regulations so it cannot be applied universally if players participate in betting on different betting sites. Basically, the calculation formulas at different bookmakers are the same. However, we need to distinguish between Asian handicap betting, spread betting, or over/under betting and learn how to analyze odds to make accurate calculations.

The final step is to choose reputable bookmakers to avoid having to recalculate football betting money after each betting session.

Calculating football betting money is not difficult, on the contrary, it is extremely simple so any bettor can read betting tips sites easily memorize it after just one study session. However, you should not be complacent and overlook these essential basic knowledge, making yourself a failure due to placing the wrong strategy.


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