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Mastering Effective and Accurate Reading of European Football Odds

In this comprehensive guide, Bestsoikeo will provide insights into effectively reading European football odds, along with invaluable advice and early morning football tips Discover how to apply these odds to optimize your betting strategy and maximize your chances of winning big in football matches.

Understanding European Football Odds

Introduction to European Football Odds

European football odds are a familiar concept in the world of sports betting. To engage in these betting games, understanding how to read European football odds is crucial.

European Odds, also known as 1×2 odds, are a type of betting odds widely used to determine the strength of two football teams. This type of odds is commonly applied in betting agencies worldwide. Apart from European odds, other popular types of football odds include over/under odds and Asian handicap odds.

European 1×2 odds comprise three main betting options: Win – Lose – Draw. Players can place bets based on their favorite team, but it's advisable to consider the odds before making a decision.

Overall, European odds offer only three betting options, with each option having a probability of occurrence of 33.3%. This is fewer options compared to Asian handicap odds, which offer up to 9 betting options. However, European odds typically have higher winning odds compared to Asian odds. Despite having only three options, examining the odds reveals that each option has minimal variation, making decision-making challenging.

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How to Read European Football Odds

Currently in Vietnam, most players tend to favor Asian Handicap odds over European odds, as they offer higher chances of winning and are easier to understand. To enhance your match prediction accuracy, players need to grasp the knowledge and hone the skills related to European odds.

Reading European football odds involves several crucial factors such as the "+" or "-" signs and the numbers representing the odds. The "+" sign typically indicates that the team is considered weaker, while the "-" sign indicates that they are perceived as stronger. The numbers represent the betting odds between two teams.

If you see odds of -1/2 or -0.5, it means that the team favored by these odds is expected to win by at least 1/2 point (or 0.5). Whereas if you see odds of +1/2 or +0.5, it is hoped that the team favored by these odds will not lose by more than 1/2 point (or 0.5).

Understanding how to read European football odds will provide you with a comprehensive view of the chances and abilities of the teams participating in the match. This will assist you in making informed betting decisions and increasing your chances of winning in European football betting games.

Example of Reading European Football Odds

Here's a specific example of how to play European football odds:

Suppose you decide to bet on the match between Chelsea and Burnley, and you choose the European 1×2 odds.

There are three main betting options:

  • Home team Chelsea wins with odds of 1.29.

  • Away team Burnley wins with odds of 9.40.

  • Both teams draw with odds of 5.60.

Now, let's consider the possible scenarios:

  • Home team Chelsea wins:

You place a bet of 100,000 VND.

If Chelsea wins, the amount you receive is calculated by multiplying the bet amount (100,000 VND) by the odds (1.29).

The amount you receive will be: 100,000 x 1.29 = 129,000 VND.

If Chelsea loses, you will lose the entire bet amount (100,000 VND).

  • Away team Burnley wins:

You place a bet of 100,000 VND.

If Burnley wins, the amount you win is calculated by multiplying the bet amount (100,000 VND) by the odds (9.40).

The amount you receive will be: 100,000 x 9.40 = 940,000 VND.

If Burnley loses, you will lose the entire bet amount (100,000 VND).

  • Both teams draw:

You place a bet of 100,000 VND.

If the match ends in a draw, the amount you win is calculated by multiplying the bet amount (100,000 VND) by the odds (5.60).

The amount you receive will be: 100,000 x 5.60 = 560,000 VND.

If either Chelsea or Burnley wins or loses, you will lose the entire bet amount (100,000 VND).

It can be seen that betting on the away team (Burnley) will bring a larger reward compared to betting on the home team (Chelsea). However, this also implies a higher risk when betting on the away team, as the probability of the away team winning is lower than that of the home team.

Applying Betting Experience to Reading European Football Odds

Reading European football odds is a crucial skill to understand and predict match results. To accurately read the odds, there are several important factors to consider.

Firstly, you need to have a clear understanding of various types of European football odds such as handicap odds, correct score odds, and over/under odds. Each type of odds has different calculations and implications, so mastering them is essential for prediction.

Secondly, you should keep track of relevant information regarding both teams playing. Factors such as recent performances, player forms, and the fitness of team members will significantly impact their match performance.

Thirdly, you should not solely rely on the numbers of the betting odds. Instead, consider other factors such as weather conditions, pitch conditions, and the tactical preparations of both coaches.

Lastly, maintain an analytical mindset and avoid being influenced by emotions. Sometimes, matches do not unfold as predicted, and knowing when to retreat is crucial to avoid losses.

Below is a specific example of how to read European football odds by applying the aforementioned important factors:

Understanding the type of odds: Before starting, you need to know clearly the type of odds you are considering. Let's consider the match between Barcelona and Real Madrid, where there are multiple betting options, including handicap odds, correct score odds, and over/under odds.

Tracking team information: Before the match, you check the recent form of both teams. Barcelona has been consistently performing well with several consecutive wins in their last 5 matches. Real Madrid also has a good form with 4 wins in their last 5 matches. This indicates that both teams are in good shape.

Objective factors: You also consider other factors such as weather conditions. The match will take place in winter, and there's a possibility of rain at Camp Nou stadium, which could affect the match quality. Also, consider the pitch and how it might influence the playing style of both teams.

Personal analysis: Lastly, maintain an analytical approach. Although the betting odds may favor Barcelona with odds of 1.80 and Real Madrid with odds of 2.20, you should question whether this match could end in a draw or if there could be any other surprises. By doing so, you won't be influenced by emotions and will make more considered betting decisions.

Based on these factors, you can decide which team to bet on or predict the result of the Barcelona vs. Real Madrid match more accurately.

Expert Tips for Analyzing European Football Odds

Many players tend to focus on details such as the score, the number of penalties, yellow cards, and red cards when betting. However, when considering European football odds, these factors often do not need much attention. Let's explore some secrets to viewing European odds more accurately.

Tips for Betting on European Odds

According to odds experts, in matches with high handicap odds, with a significant difference in class and form between two teams, the weaker team is often given very high odds to encourage players to bet (also known as lure odds). Conversely, the stronger team often has very low odds (sometimes as low as 1.1). In this type of odds, players who are too eager can easily bet on the weaker team and face high risks.

A useful football betting experience is to place bets before the match starts, as soon as the bookmakers open the odds. At this time, carefully monitor the developments of both teams. If there are no significant changes in the lineup, maintain your initial betting decision, even if the bookmakers constantly change the odds.

Especially in matches where the odds fluctuate rapidly and the gap is large, that is, matches where players bet too much and exceed the bookmakers' acceptable loss limit, the bookmakers may change the odds constantly. In such situations, stick to your initial decision and do not change the odds.

For matches where the playing styles of both teams are similar, such as similar tactical systems, the possibility of a draw in the first half may be high. Or in intense derby matches or decisive matches, a draw could occur.

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Comparing Odds by Analyzing Asian Handicap Odds

The first important thing that players need to remember is to analyze the odds accurately to increase the chances of winning. Observe the European football odds board: In cases where European odds decrease and then Asian handicap odds also decrease, the chances of the Asian team winning are very high. Be cautious with bookmakers who often have fluctuating low odds. Always update the odds to make accurate predictions.

Utilizing Guidance from European Odds Analysis Experts

Remember that highly rated teams can still lose to weaker teams. Therefore, there have been many cases where players lose heavily in such matches.

Choosing Odds Based on Team Cycles

To apply this betting tip, you should carefully follow from round 1 to round 5 of a football tournament. If you notice that a certain team often loses 1 or 2 matches during that time, that could be a sign for you to know when to place bets to have a high winning chance.


Mastering the art of reading European football odds requires a combination of knowledge, experience, and analytical skills. By understanding the intricacies of these odds and applying effective betting strategies, you can enhance your chances of success in football betting. Whether you're a novice or an experienced bettor, incorporating these tips and techniques into your betting approach can lead to more informed and profitable decisions.


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